Alexander Kirchmauer

Mag. iur. Alexander Kirchmauer, LL.M., B.A., DipIArb, is an arbitrator specialising in international arbitration and litigation. Following almost 20 years of active practice as both a licensed attorney and in the field of arbitration, he now focuses on resolving international and commercial disputes through arbitration. Alexander is appointed primarily as sole arbitrator in ad hoc arbitrations involving smaller amounts in dispute of up to one million Euros. Due to his corporate structure, he is an excellent and cost-efficient alternative not only to state courts, but also to institutional arbitral tribunals and arbitrators from large law firms where fees quickly skyrocket. Mr. Kirchmauer completed legal studies in Austria (Mag. iur. and LL.M.) and England (Postgraduate Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration from Queen Mary University in London). He is a listed arbitrator with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Arbitration proceedings are conducted in English, German, or Polish.

Alex Kirchmauer


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